These jackets contain a layer of down and feathers to help keep you warm. Down is the fine layer of fluffy feathers underneath the normal feathers on water fowl, usually geese or ducks.

How do I remove a stain from a down jacket?

Spring Summer Women´s FEATHER DOWN JACKET WITH DETACHABLE HOOD at Massimo Dutti for Effortless elegance!
Down jackets and coats for women from Esprit. Women's down jackets and coats keep us pleasantly warm even when temperatures are low, whether we opt for a short quilted down jacket for a shopping spree in the city or a down coat with a fur-lined hood for long walks in the park.
High-grade down from live geese — using the softest feathers from the breast region, as opposed to the longer ones from the back, under the wings and the neck — can fetch as much as £22 per kilo.
The Feather Pack Jacket is the ultimate insulating layer. Within a lightweight, completely packable design, lofty fill down provides the optimal warmth-to-weight ratio, while a water-repellent DownTek™ treatment helps you stay dry.
The Columbia Women’s Hexbreaker Long Down Jacket is a super-warm, mid-thigh-length goose-down winter coat that’s water resistant and figure flattering. Rated 4 out of 5 by jj from Down Feathers Out of Stitching Let me start that I love this jacket-- it is warm, it is the perfect, long length, and it's not bulky, but rather is.
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As documented in a recent PETA expos Once considered no longer profitable to the down feather industry, these birds are thrown into crates for a grueling journey to the slaughterhouse, where they’re hung upside down and killed for their flesh or for foie gras. Women’s Rubicon Jacket by Patagonia. Stay toasty sans feathers in this.

After soaking, move the jacket away from the drain and empty the tub. Gently squeeze the excess water from the jacket. Clean out the detergent compartment before adding soap. Even the residue from regular soaps and detergents can damage down feathers. Before using the machine to wash your jacket, wipe the dispenser with a cloth to remove leftover detergent.

To clean your down jacket, use the same down-safe soap that you used for spot cleaning. When down feathers are stripped of their oil, they can lose their loft, or fullness, which is related to their ability to insulate.

Place the jacket in the washer and set the cycle. Wash the jacket alone, to prevent the material from catching or pilling. Before pressing start, set the machine to cold wash, delicate, hand wash, or wools, and a small load size. The agitator can rip the material and destroy the jacket. Run a second rinse cycle. When the washing machine has finished its washing cycle, run it through a second rinse cycle to fully remove any remaining detergent.

Fill a large sink with soap and water. Fill a sink with cold water and the recommended portion of down-safe soap. You can use a large sink, laundry tub, or bath tub to wash your down jacket. Press the jacket down into the water to get it saturated with soapy water. Using your hands, gently agitate the jacket back and forth in the water to release dirt.

Then, let it soak for 15 minutes. When your jacket is wet and heavy, avoid picking it up to prevent damage. After 15 minutes, push the jacket away from the drain and drain the soapy water from the tub. Without picking the jacket up, rinse the jacket and tub with clean water. Refill the tub with clean water and soak the jacket for five to 10 minutes. Then, push the jacket away from the drain again and let the water out. Pour some additional water over the jacket to remove the last of the soap.

Squeeze out excess water. Use your hands to squeeze the jacket and remove excess water before picking it up to dry it. Run the jacket through multiple spin cycles. The drying process for a down jacket takes quite a long time, but you can help it along by removing as much moisture as possible from the coat. Run the jacket through two or three additional spin cycles after the second rinse is complete.

If possible, increase the speed of the spin with each cycle. Then, lay the jacket to hang on a radiator or hang it to dry. Tumble dry on low.

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Ladies Down Jackets 67 products. View all Outdoor Clothing Check out our range of ladies down jackets which will ensure you stay warm and protected in colder weather. Featuring quilted and padded styles so you can really feel the comfort while outdoors. Discount High To Low. Price Low To High. Price High To Low. Brand A To Z. Brand Z To A. The North Face 1. Karrimor Long Down Jacket Ladies. Karrimor Hood Down Jacket Ladies. And do keep in mind: Without further ado, check out some fantastic down-alternative winter coats below, and be sure to tell your friends and family about them, to get them on the down-free band wagon, too!

This patented synthetic microfiber thermal insulation was originally developed for the U. The goal was to develop a material that unlike down would not lose its insulation when wet, but would retain the lightness, softness, suppleness and compressibility found in down insulation. In addition, Patagonia uses recycled polyester in their jackets, which is made by weaving polyester fibers with used soda bottles, unusable second quality fabrics and worn out garments.

Some other options for men include:. It features a zip-out insulation layer along with an outer waterproof and windproof shell. Jackets made with this technology are very soft and down-like, but are made out of eco-friendly synthetic materials.

Several use down and feathers. Check out a selection of their cocona-insulated coats below:. Whatever you choose, remember that there is an abundance of synthetic, non-down insulation options that can not only meet your specific functional and aesthetic needs, but also your budget, so, really, there is no good reason to continue buying down or freeze during the winter , and now you know why! Did we miss your favorite brand?

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Strike out for cold-day adventures. RDS goose-down jackets for men, women and kids by The North Face offer innovative insulation and protection from the elements. Stay warm and cosy with our range of women's down jackets, insulated with a combination of down and feather filling, making them an incredible barrier against the cold. Our ladies' down jackets can be worn for a whole range of activities, from long walks with the dog in the cold to hillwalking with the kids. Find feather and down coats at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of feather and down coats from the most popular stores - all in one place.